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Harmony Inn

13 Joyce st, Pendle Hill, 2145

About us

Harmony Inn brings your Chinese themed meal to a whole new level. We are the authority when it comes to authentic Chinese Cuisines. We are located at 13 Joyce St, Pendle Hill NSW. Enjoy our delicious and sumptuous menus perfect for any family gatherings and occasions. Choose among our starters like Prawn Cocktail, Spring Rolls, Dim Sims different kind of fritters and many more. We also serve different meat and seafood courses like Sichuan Chili Chicken, Roast Duck, Sate Prawns, Fillet Steak Mongolian and a lot more. To complete your ultimate Chinese experience, we also serve noodles, omelets, curries and rice. Take advantage of our pickup and delivery services by clicking the Order Online button right now.


310 reviews


"A beautiful meal served on time and at a great price"